2017 Ronix Forester Capella CGA Vest
  • We are not sure if there is a big arborist wakeboarding crossover - but in the chance that there is - we proudly present the Forester - Innovation for lengthier torsos of those that socially/fashion wise would just like to fit in amongst us in the great northwest. One of our most popular aquatic buoyant critters for quite some time now.

    The Forrester has a little bit longer cut, and is perfect for people with a longer torso, or want a longer, thinner profile CGA vest. The Water resistant liner, makes the vest dry faster, and stay light weight in and out of the water. 

    2017 Ronix Forester Capella CGA Vest

    $159.99 Regular Price
    $79.99Sale Price
      • Custom Tailored Fitted Vest
      • Fills More Voids Than Ever Before
      • Cylindrical Construction
      • Asymmetrical Segmentation
      • Water Resistant Liner
      • Two Way Stretch Neoprene
      • Fits For Longer Torsos
      • 2 Buckles / 1 Zip Closure
      • Coast Guard Approved