Radar Women's Butter Knife
The Butter Knife side-cut and surface area were created to give stability. Effortless ups, light line tension and automatic turns make the Butter Knife the easiest ski you've ever ridden, ski it between 20-30 MPH.


The Bent Vee series has revolutionized open water skiing. Width under foot allows these skis to pop out of the water with ease. This width, combined with a flat channel and grip rails, allows a ski with more surface area to perform at an advanced level. Inside radius gives the ski the ability to make tight turns on both on and offside while the 100% carbon build is nimble on the water. Our Bent Vee collection will make you rethink what is possible from a higher volume ski. 


Radar Prime Boot
The Prime was designed with ease of entry and mobility in mind. It offers great performance and comfort all while being price conscious.


Radar ARTP
Built to fit any size foot, the ARTP offers the perfect blend of comfort, support and performance. Top side laces give you “set it and forget it” ease of use.

2019 Radar Women's Butter Knife 65" with Standard Prime Boot & ARTP

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    • Radar Women's Butterknife Features
    • Level Spine - Water flows cleanly, reducing drag
    • Flat Spot - Allows auto-leveling, anyone can hop on this ski
    • Inside radius - Turns naturally and level on both sides
    • Grip Rails - Multi-level rails maintain edge while cutting