• A UV protected shirt with some built in impact padding.

    Is it a jacket or is it a shirt? We went back and forth with this one and decided on shirt. Reason being - It is as light as your favorite cotton garment t-shirt. What she lacks in the buoyancy department, this new jacket more than makes up for in the “hey Steve, check out how light this is” category.

    2019 Ronix Parks Athletic Fit Impact Shirt

    $139.99 Regular Price
    $85.45Sale Price
      • New Manhattan Tailored Fit
      • Light Weight Foam
      • Super Stretch PU Skin
      • Fit For Longer Torsos
      • Over Size Arm Holes 
      • Non Coast Guard Approved
      • Fit: Athletic Fit
      • Class: Impact Shirt
      • Torso: Longer