• Hyperlite Murray Wakeboard


    Countless hours on the water have culminated to this shape. Shaun's favorite, shaped from 20 years of wakeboard passion. Shaun Murray is re-releasing his 20th Pro Model editing, named "The Murray". Feedback from this board has been mind blowing. Subtle 3 stage rocker where there isn't a flat spot, the rocker simply increases under foot for a huge boost off the wake. This board features the fan favorite variable edge design, so water is pushed under the board between the boots when doing a butter slide, then sharpens near the fins and finally cupping at the fins for hold into the wake. Add the center landing spine to break up the water in all directions on landing creating super soft landings. The Biolite 3 core plus the CarboNetX allow for a light construction, letting the rider choose a bigger board. Now available in a 145cm and 150cm. "Ride a bigger board." - Shaun Murray


    Hyperlite Session Boots


    The Session Binding offers anyone great adjustability. This boot features an upper ankle strap with bottom lace zone. This allows any rider, with any foot shape, to adjust the boot to their specific needs. Say what you will about velcro, but there isn't anything faster or simpler for boots. Spend less time worrying about if they're tight and spend more time enjoying the water. The Session boot is universally awesome, package it with any Hyperlite board for a combination you'll love.

    2020 Hyperlite Murray Wakeboard + Session Boots Package

    $590.00 Regular Price
    $539.99Sale Price
      • Subtle 3 Stage Rocker
      • Minimum swing weight profile
      • Mellow center landing spine
      • Variable edge design
      • Layered glass
      • Monocoque construction
      • Biolite 3 core
      • All new surface area sizing
      • Sized up philosophy