2019 Ronix Forester Capella 2.0 CGA Vest
  • A CGA profile designed for the modern day rider.

    We are not sure if there is a big arborist wakeboarding crossover - but in the chance that there is - we proudly present the Forester - Innovation for lengthier torsos of those that socially/fashion wise would just like to fit in amongst us in the great northwest. One of our most popular aquatic buoyant critters for quite some time now.

    2019 Ronix Forester Capella 2.0 CGA Vest

    $179.99 Regular Price
    $129.95Sale Price
      • Capella 2.0
      • CGA Approved
      • Manhattan Tailored Fit
      • Two Way Stretch Neoprene
      • Water Resistant Liner
      • Fit For Longer Torsos
      • Cylindrical Construction
      • Asymmetrical Segmentation 
      • Fit: Capella 2.0
      • Class: Coast Guard Approved
      • Torso: Longer