2020 Hyperlite Baseline Wakeboard + Session Boots Package
  • Hyperlite Baseline Wakeboard


    The purpose of the board is built right into its name. The Baseline was shaped simply to build your skills on a wakeboard. Both Shaun Murray and Greg Nelson agree, a solid foundation greatly increases a rider's learning curve while wakeboarding. Featuring a wider overall profile ontop of a continuous rocker this board delivers smooth carves, consistent pop, and more pop at that due to the increase in volume. The edge of the board features Hyperlite's Variabl Edge. The edge is rolled between the boots, for a forgiving ride. The edge then sharpens torwards the tip and tail to lock in that edge hold into the wake. The bottom of the board is completely clean. Murray and Nelson are of the "Less is More" philosophy when shaping boards. Trust the pros on this one, if you're looking to grow your bag of tricks, pick up a Baseline.


    Hyperlite Session Boots


    The Session Binding offers anyone great adjustability. This boot features an upper ankle strap with bottom lace zone. This allows any rider, with any foot shape, to adjust the boot to their specific needs. Say what you will about velcro, but there isn't anything faster or simpler for boots. Spend less time worrying about if they're tight and spend more time enjoying the water. The Session boot is universally awesome, package it with any Hyperlite board for a combination you'll love.

    2020 Hyperlite Baseline Wakeboard + Session Boots Package

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      • Continuous rocker
      • Wider profile
      • Reduced tip and tail thickness
      • Variable edge design
      • Dual fin positioning
      • Single tunnel with complete exit
      • Biolite 3 core
      • Layered glass
      • Monocoque construction