One: Timebomb Fused Core
The best selling high-end 3-stage rocker series

Some riders just want one thing out of a wakeboard, explosive pop. The One Timebomb Fused Core is the Yang to the One Blackout Yin. No other construction delivers double-up style pop off of a wake jump quite like the Timebomb. Ronix's most iconic shape continues its legacy in a core that is always ready to ignite. A combo of Fuse Stringers, Air Core 3 foam, I-Beam glass, and Speedwalls produces a board that rides higher in the water for better top water speed and the explosive snap when hitting the wake.


One Boot: Black / White Elephant
If we could only make one, this would be it

The One boot is celebrating 15 years of excellence. The 2021 One boot features Intuition+ heat moldable liner built on Ronix's Pro S.O.L.E, the most advanced footbed in the wakeboarding. Pack in asymmetrical medium density support and 3D molded toe cap for enhanced fit and performance. This boot is the perfect blend of technology and comfort for a full day at the park or ride behind the boat.

2021 Ronix One Timebomb Wakeboard + One Boots

$1,159.98 Regular Price
$1,099.98Sale Price
    • 3-Stage Rocker
    • Blackout Technology
    • 4 Fiberglass 1.0” Ramp Fins
    • 4 Fiberglass .8” Asym Fins  
    • Speedwalls
    • Tip/Tail Concave
    • 2 Recessed Fin Channels
    • 2 Guide Channels
    • Endorsed by Danny Harf and Nic Rapa