2020 Ronix Parks Board + Anthem Boots Package
  • Ronix Parks Wakeboard


    A fun free feeling board with speed and stability.


    Parks, the legend of wakeboarding, made this his most user-friendly board to date. Ultra fast continuous rocker, added width for stability, and more side cut for the riders who really want to bury the rail. Adding dimples throughout the entire bottom of the board breaks up water friction and drag, which reduces the stress of the riding and adds a very playful feel to the board.


    Ronix Anthem Boots


    The Anthem boots are, hands down, the premier open toe boot. Combining 2 engineering marvels in one; Mainframe chassis and SuperStraps. Slip on a pair to find out why for yourself. The Mainframe wraps your foot so cozy while offering perfect support. The updated SuperStraps effortlessly blend leverage and elasticity where you want it. The most custom fit open toe design to date. Add in the Stage 2 liner with 3D molded foam for a perfect fit for any feet on the boat.

    2020 Ronix Parks Board + Anthem Boots Package

      • Continuous Rocker
      • Modello Core
      • 4 Fiberglass 1.0" Ramp Fins & 4 Fiberglass .8" Free Agent Fins
      • Increased Sidecut
      • Variable Rail
      • G&R Technology
      • Concave Bottom
      • Parks Bonifay Pro Model