• Think of this vest as an Intuition liner for your belly! This fits your chest like no other water garment Designed by a Manhattan tailor and scaled to fit just the right way. Customize your fit with the BOA system.

    2020 Ronix One Custom Fit Impact Vest

      • Impact Vest
      • Custom Fit Design
      • Manhattan Tailored Fit
      • Boa System
      • Engineered Cross Woven Mesh
      • Fit for Standard Torsos
      • 4 Way Stretch Neoprene
      • Air Foam
    • "This is my favorite Ronix vest to come out BY FAR. The material stretches easily. I never feel constricted. Plenty of foam to keep you floating, but the material around stretches so much and dries quickly. The stitching everywhere is really heavy duty. And the BOA in the back makes this thing a perfect fit for me and my friends. All the hold of a life vest is around the ribs, the BOA makes sure it fits perfectly."