• Ronix Krush Wakeboard


    The Krush is the building block to wakeboard.


    This shape recognizes that your body is crossed up riding toeside. The Krush has a sharper rail and a longer molded-in fin on the toeside of the board for added stability. A removable center fin, along with a 3-stage rocker for lift off the wake provide a secure feeling board regardless of your skill. Take a rip on the Krush to send your riding to the next level.


    Ronix Halo Boots


    The Halo boots are a one-of-a-kind open toe boot, unrivaled in the world of women's wake footwear. Built on the Mainframe chassis for the ultimate comfort and support, the Halo boot fit is second to none. Updated SuperStraps allow for effortless adjustability and the Stage 2 liners offer comfort and support all day. The pinnacle of performance and adjustability, with a little attitude.

    2020 Ronix Krush Board+ Halo Boots Package

      • 3-Stage Rocker
      • Secret Flex Construction 
      • 2 Fiberglass 1.7" Hook Fins 
      • 2 Molded-in Fins 
      • Thinner, Sharper Toeside Rail
      • Fuller, Vertical Heelside Rail
      • Designed for the building block to wakeboarding