• At the Radar Headquarters, there is one ski that is the undisputed favorite; The Union. This ski is easy to ride and does not sacrifice any performance. The Union has that little bit of extra width from the Senate shape. That extra width allows the ski to be ridden at slower speeds to gain rapid impovment from the rider. This ski performs amazingly well between 24-32 MPH providing endless turns on the lake all day long.


    The Union follows suit to our design methods by being four tenths of an inch wider than a Vapor. This extra width gives skiers the chance to feel ultimate balance while learning to ski at a higher level. We challenge you to find a ski that is more fun to ride in open water. 

    2020 Radar Men's Union Ski


      • Tip Rocker - Fluid transitions from turn to pull.
      • Flat Spot - Lets you stand with confidence and make symmetrical turns
      • Straight lines - Allows ski to be the fastest on the market
      • Rocker - Pivot under the ball of your front foot, tail rocker to build speed.
      • Edge Angle - Allows ski to roll moderatley, resulting in easy progression