Graeme Burress knows more than most about being protected while wakeboarding, he may be reckless but he's safe in his new Wishbone Jacket. With the majority of foam and impact panels covering the chest and back, the Wishbone has a streamlined look. All panels are segmented for maximum mobility, delivering an impact protecting flexible jacket.

2021 Hyperlite Wishbone Comp Vest

    • Horizontal Flex Zones
    • Simple Front Zip Entry
    • Lightweight Construction
    • Non Coast Guard Approved
  • The comfort of these Hyperlite comp vests is second to none! So soft. Really nice snug fit, and well contoured. I can't say enough about how soft and comfortable these vests are though! They have a little more foam than other comp vests without feeling bulky at all. You feel protected and float a little better. You also cannot go wrong with the camo / orange color scheme.