2020 Hyperlite Rusty Pro Wakeboard
  • "My board feels lighter than anything I've ever ridden." This is Rusty's response to his new Rusty Pro shape. Board size matters when it comes to Rusty Malinoski. His new board provides the surface area needed for massive airs. This board has a wider over all profile to create more pop. This year features all new 0.7" SS Beam Fins, which allow the board to break free with ease or save landings when you come down off the mark a little. As with previous shapes from Aaron Stumpf and Rusty, this one carries a ton of speed into the wake holding the edge all the way through. "Light and poppy and snappy" says Rusty.

    2020 Hyperlite Rusty Pro Wakeboard

    $430.00 Regular Price
    $379.99Sale Price
      • Abrupt continuous rocker
      • Full length cupped rail
      • Progressive edge bevel
      • Dual tip to tail channel
      • Molded landing feature
      • Biolite 3 core
      • Layered glass
      • Monocoque construction
      • Size up philosophy
      • New for 2020
      • Skill Level: Advanced
      • Board Pop: 10/10 boosty
      • Board Flex: 2/10 mild
      • Terrain: Boat