• Wakesurf fans rejoice! Hyperlite & Noah Flegel deliver a their premier Skim Style surf shape. This deck is very fast, skatey, and poppy. Spin with ease on the Hi-Fi, and don't worry about showing heel dents when stomping those shuv-its - the Hi-Fi features Hyperlite's DuraShell construction. Lightweight, very durable, and super responsive. Change up the feel of the board by riding a single center fin, two outer fins, or all three.

    2020 Hyperlite Hi-Fi Wakesurf Board

    $575.00 Regular Price
    $499.99Sale Price
      • DuraShell construction
      • EPS core
      • Minimal rocker
      • EPS core
      • Composite construction
      • Machined EVA traction
      • Includes three 0.8" P-wing fins
    • "A legit true skim board for $500!? If you have ever been curious about a skim board, get the HiFi. This skim shape is a little more forgiving than others with a somewhat more rounded rail. This means you won't dig the rail in and flip off the board as much. Give this board a rip, you won't regret it."