2020 Byerly Buzz Wakesurf Board
  • The Buzz is THEE board to bridge the gap between a surf and skim style board. Created to give you the best of both worlds. Pop in the 2 outside 3.5" fins for a very manageable surf ride with easy bottom tuns and enough push to drive off the wave. Swap for the single 2.4" center fin to get those shuv-it's and spins. Easily the fastest and most maneuverable board in the Byerly line.

    2020 Byerly Buzz Wakesurf Board

    $575.00 Regular Price
    $499.99Sale Price
      • DuraShell construction
      • EPS core
      • Single concave base
      • Machined EVA traction
      • Layered glass
      • Monocoque construction
      • Includes two 3.5" Torq fins
      • Includes one 2.4" Fish fin
    • "If you are unsure of a wakesurf board, buy the Buzz. It's a solid board for anyone in the boat. It's stable because of its width, which also helps get a lot of different sized riders on one board. Mellow ride if you want, or spin and throw shuvits fairly easily. Really fun board to learn on and excel on."