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Nautique Southwest Regatta

The Nautique Regatta in Parker Arizona was an absolute blast. It was hard to get an exact count on how many boats were there, but it was amazing to see over 30 Nautique’s in a row and all the color schemes and interior designs were unique. We met some great people from all over the place that love their Nautique boats. Some owners traveled as far as 900 miles to be at the event. Nautique and the WWA put on a great weekend of fun for the whole family to enjoy.

The Blue Water Resort and Casino is a great place to stay for visits to Parker. They have a ton of slips for your boat, a casino, indoor pools and water slide for the kids, and plenty of fun on the river. We visited two restaurants on the river as part of the poker run. Monster energy was on site to keep the party going and the boat owners refreshed and energized. Live music and cool boats were definitely an added bonus to the action around the bar.

There was always something going on and if you didn’t feel like taking part, people would just go out and float at the sandbar at the end of the river. Most of the Nautique team was on site to go on the boats with customers and hang out. As always, Shawn Murray was a fan favorite. He even got out in the roughest water ever to throw down for the kids. Murray is a true showman!

The Grom Fest Tournament was a blast for the kids. They showed off their best skills during the wakeboard and wakesurf contest and had world class athletes in the boat to score them. Between that and the awards ceremony, the Nautique Regatta will be a memory that they’ll never forget. To add to the awards ceremony, the 80’s themed dinner had everyone dressed in neon spandex, leather and studs, or polos and Sperry deck shoes. Everyone came out to have fun and enjoy the night.

The night on the river was cut short due to a wind storm that came through. Several boat owners made their way to their rented house up the river or to the casino. The storm completely cleaned the event site. Tents, tables, and sponsor booths were blown into the river or over the dam. There was very little left of the event site Sunday morning. As boats were getting trailered and wiped down, the System 2.0 cable set up continued to run constantly.

This was our first year making it out for the even and we will definitely be doing it again. Now that we know what to expect, next year we hope to get more of our Nautique customers to the event. It’s a fun weekend on the river with people that love their Nautique boat. If you want to join in on the fun, come see us for a Nautique boat and get on the guest list.

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