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2020 Supra SA Review

2020 Supra SA

  • Length: 22'8"

  • Width: 102"

  • Dry Weight: 5800 lbs.

  • Ballast: 3500 lbs. sub-floor

  • Seating Capacity: 16 people

  • Engine Options: Indmar Raptor 6.2L 400, 450, 575

  • Fuel Capacity: 63 gal

  • Walk-through video

Galey's Favorite Features

  • 3,500 lbs. of sub floor ballast goodness!

  • Transom surf locker

  • Power folding tower

  • Chill Tech vinyl

  • Supra's Vision Control System

What Supra Says: The completely redesigned 2020 Supra SA is built with championship pedigree to continue a legacy of winning on the water. Get behind the wheel and find yourself in a powerful position wherever you go.

What we say: The Supra SA isn't joking around. With 3,500 lbs. of sub-floor ballast, seating capacity for 16, and the 575 Supercharged engine option, it's no wonder the Supra SA is the official tow boat for the Pro Wakeboard Tour. For those of us that are not professional athletes, we all find ear to ear grins when we step across the walk-through transom and take a seat at the helm. From there it's a breeze to navigate the giant touch screen command center. Set the pitch and roll of the hull and the amplitude of your wake or wave with touch of a finger. Once you set the speed and crank the JL Audio sound system then you can keep an eye on your rider through the mirror, transom camera or the tower camera. All you need to worry about is keeping the boat straight, and if you've ever driven a Supra then you're familiar with the saying "Nothing drives like a Supra".

The wakeboard wake on the Supra SA is HUGE with factory ballast. It's a thick wall of water with plenty of meat to hit, and a nice lip at the top to boot. This boat sets a nice wide wake with long transitions to cradle your fall from the sky for softer landings. The wake is clean all the way back. If your full boat load of 16 people is not evenly weighted then Autowake will adjust the ballast, on the fly and automatically, to keep the boat evenly weighted side to side. The Auto-Launch features will adjust the wake plate automatically to get the boat on plane fast, even with full ballast and a full load of passengers. For beginner riders, who typically ride at slower speeds, empty all stock ballast and push that wake plate down some for a rounded clean wake that won't intimidate. The tower camera is a nice touch to know just when the rider is ready for their first pull.

The Supra Swell wakesurf system is known for churning out big walls of water. The Supra system has always produced long clean waves with tons of push. Autowake handles these slower speeds easily. Whether you have a full boat load of people and fuel, or a couple of friends and 1/2 tank, the Autowake system will adjust plates and ballast to accomplish the same wave every time. The waves are long and clean on port or starboard side. Transom and tower cameras are awesome to keep an eye on your surfer. Did we mention board storage yet? Throw your surf boards up on top of the bimini, on the PTM swiveling strapless board racks, or in the transom surf locker.

The Supra SA is a deep boat, which is wonderful for families with children climbing around. Sculpted interior throughout the entire boat means no sharp fiberglass edges, and plush Chill Tech vinyl (which, by the way works wonders in the blazing sun!). We think families will benefit the most from the ever-convenient creature comforts of the Supra SA. When deployed the bimini covers a full 8 feet to keep the little ones in the shade. Supra put a tray and trash can under the center floor door, as well as a hatch in the dash walk-through to toss trash in the trash can behind the passenger seat. The passenger dash features a control screen so the passengers of the boat can control the lights, heater, or stereo at any time. The reversible center seat will be welcome to all with an easy flip back design and table to eat lunch or hold beverages. The reversible seat keeps more people in the shade and facing the action. When the kids want to swim, mom and dad can keep an eye on them with the flip up transom seats (with cup holders!). The kids can easily pull themselves up onto the swim platform with the molded in handles. Sub floor ballast offers huge storage from the transom to the bow. To top it off Supra offers the FXOne folding tower as a standard feature on all models. With the push of a button the tower folds and tucks itself behind the windshield, making it a breeze to cover the boat.

It's no wonder the Supra SA is the flagship model. With a laundry list of creature comforts that are kid, family, and rider friendly alongside world class wakes and waves, the Supra SA has it all. When you step in your Supra SA, you're buying with confidence that you have the best for you and your family.

We didn't hit all the features of the 2020 Supra SA. Take a look at our walk-through video to see this boat in action. If you have any questions on the boat feel free to contact us here, or gives us a call at 661-327-5711.

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